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Theodul pass: A crossing – with or without the glacier


Those interested in the history of the Alps should make a note of 13 June 2013. That’s when art historian Sophie Providoli will recount the eventful history of the Theodul pass. Furthermore the protagonist of the lecture, the “mercenary”, is displayed in the Matterhorn Museum. Whoever wants to experience the glacier makes a Theodul pass crossing.

The Theodul pass (3301 m) is a treasure trove for historians. It was already used by the Romans, but over the centuries mercenaries, traders and smugglers also crossed the pass above Zermatt, not far from the Klein Matterhorn. Depending on whether it was in the Ice Age or the Middle Diluvium the crossing was made on glacial ice or on snow-free mountain tracks.

In her presentation the art historian Sophie Providoli relates the history of the pass over the centuries, covering among other things the “mercenary” who was discovered in the 1980s.

The “mercenary” in the Matterhorn Museum
Unfortunately Zermatt’s “Ötzi” is not so well preserved as its counterpart from the Ötztal Alps. However this man’s remains and the objects that he carried with him have much to relate to posterity. 

These remains, together with the mercenary’s military equipment, can still be seen in the Matterhorn Museum: remains of the skull and bones, pistol and sword, as well as coins and other objects. In addition, an interactive relief shows which passes were used in the Zermatt area in former times.
The Theodul pass for glacier trekking
Perhaps somebody would like to see and experience the glacier for himself? This is possible with an alpine summer crossing. Only experienced glacier hikers and alpinists should make this tour. Those who are in good physical shape can go with a mountain guide. Possibly with an overnight stop in the Theodul Hut. Moreover the Theodul pass crossing is a part of the “Tour du Cervin”.

Lecture in the Matterhorn Museum
Thursday, 13 June, 8 pm
“The Theodul pass from prehistoric times to today”
Entry free

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