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Zermatt: Specialities from locally hunted game


With the Valais hunting season opening in mid-September, local game specialities will soon be back on the menu. There is nothing like a good wander in the green heights around Zermatt, followed by a visit to one of the restaurants in the village or neighbouring mountainside where splendid game dishes are served.

Zermatt is the culinary stronghold of the Alps. During the next few days, numerous hunters will be heading off to stalk game and some of the Zermatt restaurants will be lucky to take part in the haul. We’re talking about delicacies that will send gourmets to seventh heaven.

Hiking and savouring local game dishes
What could be better than a day spent wandering amidst spectacular surroundings in the crystal-clear Alpine air of Zermatt, followed by an evening savouring a game dish in a local restaurant. To find out where game is served, check out the menu cards or simply ask the locals.
Locally-hunted game will be served at Hotel Cervo, Hotel Jägerhof, at Arvenstube in Hotel Pollux and at Metzgerei Bayard where whole saddles of venison may also be ordered. Hunter and chef Roby Perren of Les Marmottes restaurant above Furi only starts serving game delicacies in the winter season. Insiders rave about his “Frevlerteller” (poacher’s plate) which includes ibex, chamois, marmot, roe deer and occasionally stag.

Local restaurant’s break times
Please watch for opening period of the local restaurants. Some might be closed for the autumnal season.

Young marmot next to its cave

Roe in front of a silvan glade

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