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Triptadvisor: Zermatt is the most popular mountain destination in Europe

Zermatt is top. So says Tripadvisor, the world’s largest travel portal. Zermatt is featured as the only Swiss destination under the 25 most popular travel destinations in Europe.

“This superb result is clear evidence that the people of Zermatt practice a distinctive level of hospitality,” says resort director, Daniel Luggen. In addition, the destination’s wide range of offers holds something for everyone in both summer and winter.
Tripadvisor published its destination ratings on 1 May 2012. Zermatt ranks 22nd among the 25 most popular European destinations and is thus the first and only Swiss destination to be listed. It is also the only mountain resort in Europe to be included in the ratings, which are headed by major cities such as London, Paris and Rome.

Internet ratings increasingly important
Tripadvisor, the world’s largest travel portal, has published its ratings once yearly since 2008. The ratings are based on the millions of entries and opinions expressed worldwide by travellers. The inclusion of Zermatt in the Tripadvisor ratings shows not only how popular the destination is but also how active Zermatt’s guests are on the Internet. “The entries on Internet portals are increasingly important,” says for example Carsten Rath, Germany’s 2011 Hotel Manager of the Year. In his opinion, such ratings will in future also be more relevant in awarding hotel stars and other established rankings.

In January 2012, Traveller’s Choice Awards 2012 of the travel portal Tripadvisor rated the Hotel Cervo in Zermatt as 10th among the best European hotels.


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2. Rom
3. Paris
4. Istanbul
5. Barcelona und weitere Grossstädte
19. Santorini/GR
20. Sorrento/IT
21. Krakau/PL
22. Zermatt/CH
23. Taormina/IT
24. Positano/IT
25. Palermo/IT

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