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Täsch: Cross-country skiing trail longer and more technically demanding

The network of the Matterhorn cross-country skiing trails has been extended this season with the re-opening of the trails used for the Junior World Championship in 1989. The new section is technically demanding, and perfectly rounds off the range of trails on offer.

The new trail section is located on the eastern side of the valley, in the so-called Tales "Täschgufer", alongside the former Mattertal ski jump. The new section has a length of 2 kilometres, and overcomes a height difference of 60 metres over a distance of 800 metres. The downhill run, which is the most technically demanding part of the trail and is fitted with safety nets, is laid out in the style of an Alpine road with hairpin bends.

Challenging training run
Together with the already existing and hilly cross-country skiing trail in Randa, the new Täschgufer cross-country skiing trail offers a challenging training run for ambitious cross-country skiers. The route profile of the above-mentioned cross-country skiing trail on the eastern side of the cantonal road now comprises a height difference of 160 m over a distance of 6 km. The trail can be entered in the village of Randa, by the camping site Randa or by the bridge over the cantonal road from Täsch to Randa. Reinhard Zeiter, certified cross-country trainer has the following to say: "The cross-country skiing trail presents a challenge for the technical capabilities and condition of any experienced cross-country skier, and is the ideal training run for them".

The simpler section of country skiing trail on the western side of the cantonal road, which is rather flat, has landscapes that are just as beautiful, with some parts running over the golf course. The complete network of cross-country skiing trails in Täsch and Randa, now comprising almost 15 kilometres, offer beginners and professional cross-country skiers ideal conditions to enjoy their passion. Zermatt Tourism supports the Matterhorn cross-country skiing trail with CHF 40,000 a year. Neither the regular preparation nor the expansion of the cross-country skiing trail network would be possible without this financial support.

The use of the cross-country skiing trail is subject to a fee

Please only use the cross-country skiing trail in Täschgufer in the indicated direction. Due to the potential danger of accidents, hikers and pedestrians  are urged not to walk on the cross-country skiing trail, in particular the downhill section.

The use of the cross-country skiing trail is subject to a fee. Cross-country skiing trail passes can be bought from the tourist offices in Täsch and Zermatt, the Service centre (Dienstleistungszentrum) in Randa, Alpini Sport in Täsch, the counter of the Matterhorn Gotthardbahn in Zermatt und Täsch and the Hotel Monte-Rosa in Täsch. Day ticket CHF 5, Week ticket CHF 30, Season ticket for the cross-country skiing trail Täsch CHF 70. Season ticket for cross-country skiing trails in Switzerland, incl. Täsch CHF 120.

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