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Summer experience: Connoisseurs walk to culinary highlights

“Kitchen around” is the name of the package that can now also be booked in the summer in Zermatt. Connoisseurs can experience the hospitality of three restaurants in their kitchens, and enjoy fine local specialities.

Word quickly got around among our guests about a new idea that Zermatt introduced during the last winter. Kitchen around was very successful. That was because this is an experience for guests who don’t like to sit in the same place for too long, and who enjoy taking a stroll between the courses. In groups of up to four people, you can visit the kitchens of the three Zermatt gourmet restaurants in the summer, and enjoy mainly local culinary highlights, which are presented in an unconventional way on a loving improvised table in the kitchen. The food is accompanied by the best local wines. The kitchen teams prove that they are genuine multi-taskers, because they are clearly happy to talk to the guests who are looking over their shoulders, even when things begin to sizzle, steam and simmer.

Have a look at three kitchens
The restaurants of the Hotels Cervo and Walliserhof, as well as the Restaurant Z’Art, are taking part. And this is how the experience could work: Appetizer in the Walliserhof. Walk to the Restaurant Z’Art for the main course. Taxi ride to the Hotel Cervo, where dessert is served (13 GaultMillau points). As the order of the restaurants alternates, it is best to let yourself be surprised and to find out just before the start where the culinary odyssey will start and finish. The menus will change every month.

The tour always starts at 7.30 p.m., and reservations can be made at the restaurants. The first kitchen around takes place on: Friday, 13th July 2012.

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