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Competition Newsletter May 2012

Wolli can once again announce a winner!

Another prize draw was carried out at the end of May in connection with the second Newsletter from Wolli. The main prize was a voucher for the Wolli Summer Fun 2012. In addition, there was also an overnight stay in a 3-star hotel for the winner, his/her parents and siblings – complete with a cable car pass.

The question was: Wolli‘s parents belong to a specific breed of sheep. What is the name of this typical breed of sheep from the Upper Valais? The answer is black-nose sheep

Wolli will be very pleased to welcome Enya Fischlin from Lucerne as a participant in the Summer Fun 2012 in Zermatt.

If you like to see these black-nose sheep’s in Zermatt then come to Shepherd Festival in September. Wolli will, of course, attend the festivities personally, as he will also be celebrating his birthday on this day.

The next Wolli Newsletter will be sent out soon. Would you like to receive post from Wolli? Then send an Email to with your name, first name and date of birth and Wolli will contact you.

By the way, the picture that you can see was drawn by Enya while she was on holiday in Zermatt.

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