A visit to the Fuchs bakery

Delicious baked good and sweet delights

Let your guests themselves bake or make chocolate: The Bäckerei Fuchs offers tasty experiences! 

A custom-designed guided tour through the Bäckerei Fuchs reveals the secrets about the preparation of Zermatt’s baked and confectionary specialties. Not only can you learn a great deal about the baked goods famous far beyond the village and valley: Matterhörnli (milk chocolate with nougat), Bergführerbrot (mountain guide bread) or Birnebrot (pear bread). Your customers can also lend a hand and do it themselves. Tasting the various house specialties is a treat by itself. And it’s true: chocolate makes you happy; you will see that in your customers’ faces. Naturally, you can also find tasty things in the Bäckerei Fuchs as gifts for your customers and employees – on request with your logo and individual design, so that more than just the delicious taste is remembered! 

Bakery Fuchs

Bäckerei Fuchs info@fuchs-zermatt.ch