Monte Rosa


Touring in the Monte Rosa is always something special. 4 days not lower than 3500 metres (11´480 ft), every day over 4000 metres (13´120 ft) and this 11 times. The fourthousanders are nicely lined up and are asking to be climbed. All this in a unique glacier world, with technical easy ascents. Despite this the Monte Rosa should not be underestimated than the altitude can effect the climbers badly and the glaciers are not to be underestimated either.

Easy: 6 days CHF. 2'690.00 per person with 2 people / 1 person 4'920.00.
Intensive: 3 days CHF. 1'620.00 per person with 2 people / 1 person 3'130.00.
Demanding: 4 days 1 person CHF. 4'610.00.

Qualified Mountain Guide and huts with half board. Cable cars are not included.