Breithorn, my first four-thousand-metre peak


“Breithorn my first four-thousand-metre peak” is for everyone who would like to climb their first four-thousand-metre peak with a Mountain Guide.

You want to climb very high, up to a four-thousand-metre peak? If you have a good health and stamina to walk 2 - 3 hours uphill, then you have everything you need for a Breithorn climb.

Zermatt has got the easiest four-thousand-metre peak in the Alps – the Breithorn. The Breithorn is not too steep and doesn’t require prior knowledge when you do the climb with a Mountain Guide. Even when it is an easy four-thousand-metre peak, the alpine danger (orientation, altitude, crevasses and weather) may not be underestimated.

The minimum age is 16 years. The terms and conditions of All Alpine Sports are part of the booking.

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