Romantic light in Zermatt’s mountain world

An absolute must for the romantics among us. Sunrise and sunset are magic times when sublime colour effects paint the highest mountains in Switzerland around Zermatt. As the light fades, the colours become more vibrant. Cable cars take you up to the most stunning colours of the sky.

In Zermatt, the dry air makes for particularly attractive light and colour effects. The departure times of the cable cars and the cog wheel trains change in the different seasons. The shorter the days, the later the departure times (please check timetables and dates). Come and enjoy a unique romantic experience, take photos, pose and send your pictures out into the world.   

Sunrise on Gornergrat(3,089 m)

On the way, enthusiasts enjoy the sublime mountain world and a view of the slowly awakening Matterhorn, accompanied by folklore music in the most beautiful spots. At Riffelsee, romantics can admire an upside-down reflection of the Matterhorn in the motionless mountain lake. Sunset tours are also offered on Gornergrat.

Sunrise on Rothorn(3,100 m)

From the peak of the Rothorn, visitors have a magnificent view of the crown of the most southerly mountains in Switzerland. A breath-taking early-morning spectacle awaits you, with snow and glacier-covered peaks painted in a whole range of beautiful colours. 

Sunset on Matterhorn glacier paradise (3,883 m)

This tour takes you up to the highest spots in the Alps. At sunset, the sun slowly disappears behind the Matterhorn, painting the peaks of the Monte Rosa Massif, the Dom and the Täschhorn orange, then pink and finally cobalt blue. The evening stars appear and the moon has a magic aura.

The destination offers various opportunities to experience sunrises and sunsets combined with breakfast or dinner.

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