Husky sledging in front of the Matterhorn.

A unique experience in the mountains of Zermatt: sleigh rides with huskies at the foot of the Matterhorn.

The local event agency zermatt-event management is offering sledge rides with huskies all year round. In winter, the rides on private trails take place at Trockener Steg at almost 3,000 m and in summer on the Klein Matterhorn, over 3,800 m. The one-day event includes a briefing for the customers, group ascent, guide to the circuit, on-site care, drinks, information on the sledge dogs with acclimatization, ride on the sledge and independent driving with the sledge dogs. Each sledge is pulled by three to four dogs and has room for two people. The event is suitable for groups up to twelve persons and for children over the age of two. For larger groups, the event is combined with a second activity. Individuals can also book the event.