La luce significa speranza! In questo senso, il Cervino sarà illuminato durante la pandemia del coronavirus. 

Con questa opera, Zermatt vuole dare a tutti un segno di speranza e di solidarietà in questi tempi difficili. Gli abitanti di Zermatt sono solidali con tutte le persone che stanno soffrendo e sono grati verso tutte le persone che stanno aiutando a superare la crisi.

Rimanete a casa - potete seguire lo spettacolo in diretta via webcam.


26 Aprile 2020 · 22:00

Light is hope

With the illumination of the Matterhorn, Zermatt sent a sign of hope and solidarity out into the world for five weeks during the difficult time of the coronavirus pandemic. We began in hopes of giving courage to the people. In hopes that we will soon return to our accustomed everyday life, we finish the illuminations.

25 Aprile 2020 · 22:00


The coronavirus has created a grave crisis for the entire world population. With the illumination of the Matterhorn we have provided hope and shown solidarity. Now it’s time to say THANK YOU. Thanks to all the people who played a decisive role in dealing with the crisis. Especially thanks to the medical staff as well as the auxiliary personnel such as the military, the civil service and the fire brigade. Thanks to the people who ensure the supply, be it with food, drinking water, electricity or communication. And thanks to the people who have to prove leadership and make difficult decisions in their function. For all of you, the Matterhorn is shining today as a sign of gratitude.

In addition to the above, we would also like to thank the Swiss government, which has guided us well through the crisis so far and has ensured the economic survival of many companies by acting quickly. We now expect the Swiss government to take swift action that will enable the individual sectors to overcome the economic crisis as quickly as possible and in a forward-looking manner.

25 Aprile 2020 · 5:30


In the country with high mountains like Switzerland, the spread of the coronavirus is on the rise. We show solidarity with the people of Pakistan and wish them much strength.

25 Aprile 2020 · 4:45


Iran is one of the countries most affected by the coronavirus. We send a sign of hope and wish much strength and perseverance to overcome the crisis.

25 Aprile 2020 · 4:00


Nepal is not only the country with friendly people, but also the country with the highest mountains in the world. Therefore, Zermatt as a mountain village feels particularly connected. In addition, Air Zermatt and the Mountain Rescue Station Zermatt have been providing successful support in the field of mountain rescue and care for the local population for years. We send a strong sign of our solidarity.

25 Aprile 2020 · 0:00


The big country with beautiful landscape and nice people suffers from the coronavirus like all other countries. Canada is one of the most popular emigration countries for Swiss people. We send a sign of hope and our best wishes.

24 Aprile 2020 · 23:40


Turkey currently faces many challenges and is severely affected by the coronavirus. We send a sign of hope to the people and wish them much strength and perseverance to overcome the crisis.

24 Aprile 2020 · 23:20


Poland is affected by the corona crisis. We send a sign of solidarity and hope and wish the population much strength to overcome the crisis.

24 Aprile 2020 · 23:00


Like Switzerland, Hungary is a landlocked country. Many Hungarians work in Switzerland, also in Zermatt. The Matterhorn illumination is supposed to be a symbol providing hope and perseverance.

24 Aprile 2020 · 22:40


Like Switzerland, Austria lives strongly from tourism. In addition, many Austrians work in the hotel and restaurant industry in Switzerland. It seems that the country has overcome the peak of the coronavirus spread. We wish our neighbours a good and quick recovery from the crisis.

24 Aprile 2020 · 22:20


In Russia, coronavirus infections are heading towards the peak. We are sending a lot of hope and strength to the people, many of whom have already been with us on holiday, to get through this difficult time.

24 Aprile 2020 · 22:00


Our neighbouring country is strongly connected to Switzerland. For example, we have an assistance agreement under which the country can count on support from the Swiss Army. The mutual solidarity is great.

24 Aprile 2020 · 1:30


In the city-state Singapore, different ethnic groups live together peacefully. The country is well organized and clean: similar characteristics are attributed to Switzerland. We show solidarity with the people of Singapore and send a sign of hope.

24 Aprile 2020 · 0:45


The always friendly population of Thailand suffers from the coronavirus. Therefore, this year the Songkran could not be carried out in the usual way. We send a sign of hope and strength and show solidarity with the people of Thailand.

24 Aprile 2020 · 0:00

South Korea

The country is praised for its exemplary handling of the coronavirus. Nevertheless, there are many people affected. We show solidarity with the population of South Korea and send a sign of hope. We also greet our partners in the country; especially our partner railway "Korail" and the people of our partner island "Jeju-do".

23 Aprile 2020 · 23:30

South Africa

The southernmost country of the African continent is also affected by the coronavirus. As a country of immigration, South Africa is a country of hope. We wish the population much courage and strength to overcome the crisis. May the images of the illuminated Matterhorn provide hope in these unprecedented times.

23 Aprile 2020 · 22:45


Like Switzerland, this country in northern Africa has high mountains and generates an important part of its income through tourism. The Moroccan government has actively assisted in the repatriation of numerous Swiss nationals. We thank them for their solidarity and send a sign of hope.

23 Aprile 2020 · 22:00


The Matterhorn consists partly of rock from the African continent – this is what connects us. The coronavirus also spreads among the African peoples. In some regions people have difficult access to medical care. We call for help and are with our thoughts with the people.

23 Aprile 2020 · 0:30

New Zealand

The country has mountains and beautiful landscapes, like Switzerland. We send our best regards and hope that the Coronavirus will not spread further among the population.

23 Aprile 2020 · 0:00


The country is having a hard time with the bush fires and now the Coronavirus. Today we think of the Australian people and send hope and courage to get through the crisis well.

22 Aprile 2020 · 22:00

Loyal guests

Dear loyal guests, you have made Zermatt what it is today. And that's why we would like to say a huge thank you. Thank you for spending your most valuable time – your holidays – with us. Thank you for many exciting conversations, funny evenings and friendships. Thank you for your years of loyalty. We hope that you are doing well and that we will see you again soon.

22 Aprile 2020 · 12:01

Message of thanks from the hosts:

22 Aprile 2020 · 3:00


Peru, a country with mountains like Switzerland, also suffers from the coronavirus. The Peruvian government has actively assisted in the repatriation of numerous Swiss nationals. We thank them for this solidarity and send a sign of hope.

22 Aprile 2020 · 2:30


Among the South American countries, Brazil is the country most affected by coronavirus. With the projection of their flag we want to provide hope and strength to survive the crisis.

22 Aprile 2020 · 2:00


Many Swiss emigrated to Argentina in the 19th century and still have close ties to their old homeland. We think of the Argentine population in these unprecedented times. May the illuminated Matterhorn provide hope and strength.

21 Aprile 2020 · 4:30

The World

The whole world is affected – we will only overcome the crisis together. Hostilities and accusations will not get us anywhere. On the contrary: solidarity and mutual help are the important values. Thanks to all countries that help others.

19 Aprile 2020 · 21:30

Sweden and the Netherlands

The two countries have chosen a courageous approach to the fight against Coronavirus. We keep our fingers crossed that it works out for them and wish them much strength and staying power. We hope to see them again soon.  

19 Aprile 2020 · 2:00


The population of China had to suffer greatly, now it is on the road to recovery. We send our best wishes - especially to Lijang, the Chinese sister city of Zermatt. For years we have maintained a cultural exchange and look forward to the times when we can visit each other again.

18 Aprile 2020 · 22:00

Cantons of Bern and Valais

The two cantons, which are linked by high mountains, are dominated by tourism - an industry that is currently suffering greatly. Let us remember our basic values, trust in a better future and support each other in these socially and economically difficult times.

18 Aprile 2020 · 3:30


As one of the most populous countries in the world, India is suffering from the Corona crisis. The challenges in such a large country are immense. The Indian flag on the Matterhorn, Switzerland's landmark, is intended to express our solidarity and give hope and strength to all Indians.

17 Aprile 2020 · 21:30

GCC countries

Many Arab countries suffer from the corona virus. We give hope and strength to the people of the GCC countries and the many expats living there: The Matterhorn shines for them tonight. Together we will overcome the crisis.

16 Aprile 2020 · 22:00


Music is an important companion for many people in difficult times. Currently, artists are not able to play in front of an audience; thus, also our festival Zermatt Unplugged had to be cancelled. Our thoughts are with all musicians around the world. Today’s projection shows solidarity with them.

16 Aprile 2020 · 14:48

Video message of the Zermatt band Wintershome

16 Aprile 2020 · 0:00


As it stands, the USA, is the country that has been most impacted by the Covid-19 crisis with the highest number of confirmed cases. Our thoughts are with all American people at this unprecedented time. May our message convey solidarity and give you hope and strength. We look forward to meeting again at the foot of the Matterhorn, we are all in this together.

15 Aprile 2020 · 21:15

Canton of Zurich

The most populous canton in Switzerland now has the third most corona cases. We stand in solidarity with Switzerland's largest economic centre and look forward to seeing you again after the stayhome recommendation has been withdrawn. #blibgsund (stay healthy)

15 Aprile 2020 · 1:00


Switzerland and Japan have maintained a close exchange for many decades. With Myoko and Fujikawaguchiko, Zermatt has two sister cities in the land of the rising sun. We greet our Japanese friends, partners and guests and send them a sign of hope and strength to overcome this unusual and difficult time

14 Aprile 2020 · 21:45


Like many European countries, our neighbouring country Germany is suffering greatly from the Corona crisis. Many German citizens have a close relationship with Switzerland and Zermatt. With the German flag on the Matterhorn, the Swiss symbolic mountain, we send a sign of solidarity across the currently closed borders and look forward to the time when mutual visits are once again possible.

13 Aprile 2020 · 22:00


It is the same for all of us: our life is not the same as before. But together, we can endure and defy the virus. We, the people of the world. Strengthened, we will find our way back into everyday life.

12 Aprile 2020 · 21:45


Light is hope.

11 Aprile 2020 · 21:30


Today's projection shows two people encountering each other. Because encounters are important for our lives.

And even if we have limitations due to the corona crisis, it also offers opportunities: the chance to be there for the family. The chance to care for each other.

On this note, we wish you all a happy Easter!

Easter message from Stefan Roth, pastor in Zermatt:

10 Aprile 2020 · 21:30

United Kingdom

Dear friends from the United Kingdom, Zermatt is deeply connected to you through its history. British mountaineers first brought tourism to Zermatt, and to this day, Zermatt can welcome many visitors from the UK. Unfortunately, travelling is not possible right now. We send you a sign of hope from the Matterhorn instead.

09 Aprile 2020 · 20:35


Dear citizens of Spain, you are severely affected by the corona virus. We wish you much perseverance and good health. Your famous Easter processions will not take place this year - this is a grievous blow. Nevertheless, try to celebrate Easter as best you can and spend the feast days together with your loved ones at home. We think of you. #EsteVirusLoParamosUnidos

09 Aprile 2020 · 4:00


Best regards from the Matterhorn to the Eiffel Tower! France is one of the countries most affected by the coronavirus. The illuminated Matterhorn should give you, dear neighbours, hope in these unprecedented times.

07 Aprile 2020 · 13:47

Dream now – travel later

Dear guests, we know that you are longing to visit us. Soon we can meet again. For the moment, however, health is our priority. Therefore, we all follow the instructions of the authorities and stay at home. But dreaming is not prohibited. We support you with great pictures in this travel-free time and send you our best wishes from the Matterhorn: dream now - travel later.

07 Aprile 2020 · 4:40

Cantons of Geneva and Vaud

Like Ticino, the two French-speaking cantons of Geneva and Vaud are strongly affected by the coronavirus. The illuminated Matterhorn aims to give them comfort and hope.

06 Aprile 2020 · 4:04


Never lose hope in these difficult times and orient yourself to the light of the Matterhorn.

05 Aprile 2020 · 1:12


In Zermatt lives the biggest Portuguese community outside Portugal. Many helping hands, without which Zermatt would not be what it is today. Many of them have remained here despite the coronavirus pandemic - over 1'000 km separated from their families. We thank them and we think of them.

03 Aprile 2020 · 22:13


Despite nice weather and bleeding heart: Please stay at home.

02 Aprile 2020 · 23:55


We get through this difficult time by helping each other.

01 Aprile 2020 · 21:30

Canton of Ticino

Switzerland shows solidarity with the Canton of Ticino: first reached by the coronavirus and still the most affected to this day. #siamoconvoi

31 Marzo 2020 · 21:30


Federal Councillor Alain Berset has called for solidarity from the Swiss people during the Corona crisis. Wir/nous/noi/nus: Together with responsibility and solidarity.

«Together» video of the Federal Office of Public Health

28 Marzo 2020 · 20:00


Italy, the country in Europe most affected by the coronavirus pandemic and located just behind the Matterhorn, says #grazie. Thanks to the people in Italy who are currently on the front line and are committed to fighting the emergency: the doctors, the medical staff, the volunteers, the police, the fire brigade and everyone else who is protecting and saving lives.

26 Marzo 2020 · 20:30


Thanks for your warm response on the #hope campaign. We send back much love. ❤

26 Marzo 2020 · 20:00


Everyone can help to contain the pandemic by staying at home. Watch the spectacle on the Matterhorn from home via webcams.

25 Marzo 2020 · 20:00


The respect of the young for the elderly, the healthy and strong for the vulnerable. Thank you Switzerland - your solidarity gives hope.

24 Marzo 2020 · 20:00

Light is hope

With the illumination of the Matterhorn, Zermatt is sending a sign of hope to the world in the difficult times of the coronavirus pandemic.