Matterhorn Museum - Zermatlantis

The subterranean world of Zermatlantis, the Matterhorn Museum, reveals the history of the village of Zermatt. Attractions include original houses, a multimedia room and finds from the first ascent of the Matterhorn.

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360° Panorama

A visit to the museum is a must for all Zermatt’s guests. It shows Zermatt’s development from a village of mountain farmers to a world-famous alpine resort. Original houses and interiors, and recreations of the world of the inhabitants and of former alpine explorers, bring the subject vividly to life. Visitors can also experience dramatically what happened during the first ascent of 14 July 1865. The story of triumph and death travelled quickly around the world. The original snapped rope is a witness of events on that fateful day.

“The mountain calls”
The multimedia room shows excerpts from the film “Der Berg ruft” (“The mountain calls”) by Luis Trenker. The drama was filmed in Zermatt in 1937/1938, including scenes of the deadly fall following the first ascent. The museum also honours the record-breaking achievements of mountaineers on the surrounding 4,000-metre peaks with photos and facts. A relief of the Matterhorn shows the different routes to the summit with illuminated lines.


  • The snapped rope from the first ascent (original, 1865)
  • Effects of the climbers who perished on the first ascent
  • Stone axe from the Neolithic Age (3000–5000 BC)
  • Finds and remains of the “Söldner” mercenary (approx. 16th century)

Superb museum design
The museum is an outstanding example of imaginative contemporary museum design. It opened its doors in 2006. The concept was the work of the company Steiner Sarnen, whose clients have included the Glasi Hergiswil glassworks, the Hamburg Port Museum and the Swiss National Museum. Every year, about 40,000 people visit Zermatlantis, the Matterhorn Museum.

  • Ideal for families
  • Wheelchair-accessible
  • Audio guide in German, English, French, Japanese
  • Books and souvenirs
  • Museum flyers
  • Special exhibitions
  • Cultural events
  • Can be rented for events, aperitif etc. outside the opening times
  • Dogs not allowed
AdultsCHF 10.00
Seniors from age 64, students, SAC members CHF 8.00
Groups (min. 8 people)CHF 8.00 per person
Children aged 10–16 CHF 5.00
School groups CHF 4.00 per child, CHF 50.00 Max. 25 people
Children up to age 9 accompanied by adults Free

We accept / Free admission

  • Swiss Museum Pass
  • Raiffeisen bank cards with a Maestro, VISA or MasterCard logo
  • Swiss Travel Pass, Swiss Flexi Pass and Swiss Youth Pass

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