Horu Güet Hike Adults


The unique cuisine has a high priority in Zermatt. Last but not least, Zermatt is considered the Swiss alpine village with the largest selection of culinary experiences. And where good food is, you will find wine and happiness. In this unique environment, you can embark on a unique alpine hike. The tour takes you in groups of up to 25 participants and a Zermatt-affiliated personality as a companion to the most beautiful Wiler and through the impressive mountains around Zermatt.

At 6 different mountain restaurants you can enjoy different delicacies. Part of the hike is the Mountain Boutique Resort Cervo, the mountain restaurants Adlerhitta, Chez Vrony, Findelbach, Zum See and last but not least the restaurant Blatten, where the culinary journey ends.


Gourmandising, relishing and hiking!

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