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Private snowboard lessons are the quickest way to improve skills on the snow for both adults and children; improve at your own pace with a dedicated and carefully chosen ES instructor who will tailor your time together so that you learn in a way that exactly suits you. Our instructors are known for their adaptability. We appreciate that everyone enjoys different things, and we want you to have your own extraordinary experience on the snow.

Lessons start wherever you would like; the instructor can come to your accommodation, to the rental shop, to the top of the ski lift or wherever you prefer it on the first morning. The timings of full-day lessons are up to you; all ES instructors know the mountain intimately and will guide you to the best places to ride, eat and explore.

With full day lessons, your taxi pickup from your accommodation to the slopes is included.

For multi day bookings, your instructor will be happy to meet you before your lessons to introduce him or herself and will help to plan your time on the snow.

There is no extra charge for adding family or friends to your private snowboard lessons, you can stay flexible about this and invite others to join as you wish.


  • Private snowboard lesson - Half day (3 hours) 09:00-12:00 or 13:00-16:00
  • Private snowboard lesson - Full day

Important: Please note that the number of groups must be booked and not the number of people. A group of 1-6 people can participate for the same price.

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