Rolling Stones


The issue of climate change is affecting us more acutely than ever. On this newly-designed circular hike at Randa you can find out more about how the Alpine regions are affected. Are you ready for the one-day hike? Would you like to know how severely the glaciers have receded in recent years and whether the increased rockfalls are directly related to this? Then register for the themed hike with the fully-qualified ZERMATTERS mountain guides Bruno Jelk and Markus Sarbach. During the six-hour hike they will tell you about the effects of climate change and about the skills people in the Matter Valley have acquired to cope with the resulting natural hazards.   

The tour takes place each month between June and September. It includes the 500-metre long and 85-metre high Charles Kuonen suspension bridge to the Europa Hut, via Chüebodmen back to Randa. 

Meeting point:
Randa train station, 9 am

Hike with certified ZERMATTERS mountain guide to the following stops:

  • Stop 1: Landslide Museum - Topic: Landslides  
  • Stop 2: Cross - Topic: Origins of the valley 
  • Stop 3: Suspension bridge - Topic: Rock glaciers and mass wasting
  • Stop 4: Europa Hut - Topic: Glaciers 
  • Stop 5: Kühbodmen - Topic: Climate change and agriculture  

Suitable for:  

  • People who are interested in nature, ecology, geology, mountains and climate change 
  • Local people 
  • Adults and children from the age of 12 


  • Fitness level: Stamina for a one-day hike (hiking time approximately 5-6 hours) 
  • T3 according to SAC hiking scale 

Price and services included: 

  • CHF 85 per person 
  • Private course lead: Bruno Jelk or Markus Sarbach (see schedule dates), certified ZERMATTERS mountain guides 

 Additional costs: 

  • Return journey to Randa 
  • Drinks and catering 

Schedule dates: 

  • Saturday, 25 June 2022 (mountain guide: Bruno Jelk) 
  • Thursday, 21 July 2022 (mountain guide: Markus Sarbach) 
  • Saturday, 21 August 2022 (mountain guide: Markus Sarbach) 
  • Thursday, 15 September 2022 (mountain guide: Bruno Jelk) 

Equipment (our recommendation): 

  • hiking boots 
  • clothes suitable for the weather 
  • backpack with drinks and food for one day 
  • possibly hiking poles 
  • sunscreen 

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