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Raclette evening at Beausite Zermatt

Food & Beverages | BEAUSiTE Zermatt | Zermatt

Everyone knows Switzerland is famous for its raclette. But those in-the-know, know that BEAUSiTE Zermatt's raclette is on another level. It could be the...


Slow-Food BBQ at the rex garden

Gartenkraut at the rex | Zermatt

Every Thursday to Sunday evening from 6pm we light our fireplace and cook the freshest produce into a variety of dishes, from burgers with homemade sourdough...


MonoLoco Cocktail Experience

MonoLoco | Zermatt

A unique and fun experience to introduce you to the world of cocktails where you will get to experiment with many different flavours and ingredients to make...



Summer tasting with the wine village of Salgesch


Ever wondered what the fine wines produced by the Valais vintners taste like? The Salgesch wine village summer tasting is just the thing for you. Every...


Sunset Dinner @ Adler-Hitta

Food & Beverages | Restaurant Adler Hitta | Zermatt

Sunset Dinner at the Adler-Hitta offers you a breathtaking evening surroundet by the mountains of Findeln. Enjoy delicious specialities such as fondue and...


Stellisee Sunset Bike-Tour

Blauherd | Zermatt

The Stellisee with the reflection of the Matterhorn is one of the most popular photo subjects in Zermatt. No wonder there is a lot going on during the day....

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Breakfast at Sunrise

Food & Beverages | Hotel Restaurant Fluhalp | Zermatt

See the first rays of sun bring a red glow to the imposing mountain peaks, how the Matterhorn stretches up to meet the sun and how peacefully and quietly the...

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The Turbina Tavolata

Tubina Zermatt | Zermatt

''La Tavolata'' comes from Italian and means eating together at a large and long table. ''La Turbina Tavolata'' is not just a meal together, no, it is a...


Sunday brunch - Matterhorn Glacier Paradise

Food & Beverages | Restaurant Matterhorn Glacier Paradise | Zermatt

You can sway gently up to Klein Matterhorn (3,883 metres) on the brand new 3S cable car. Once arrived, there is a sumptuous Sunday brunch to enjoy with...

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Guided Village Tour with a tasting - English

Zermatt Tourismus | Zermatt

No one knows Zermatt better than Franz-Josef Imboden. The long-serving concierge at various Zermatt hotels passes on his knowledge during a guided village...

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