Stellisee Sunset Bike-Tour



The Stellisee with the reflection of the Matterhorn is one of the most popular photo subjects in Zermatt. No wonder there is a lot going on during the day.With this tour you can visit the Stellisee outside the operating hours of the mountain railways, in peace and quiet, with only a few people!

We take the last cable car to Blauherd. From there it’s just an easy ride to Fluhalp, where a delicious dinner awaits us. Dinner is at 18:00 hrs – that gives us enough time to be back at the lake in time for sunset. There we linger and enjoy the quiet evening atmosphere. After sunset we ride our fatbikes back to Zermatt. The fatbikes provided have special fixed lighting.

The event is about the experience of being in the mountains in the evening and sharing the sunset at Stellisee with only a few people. It's not primarily about the bike downhill experience. We ride slowly on the gravel road.

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