Shinrin Yoku - Forest Bathing



Immerse yourself in the breathtaking forests of Zermatt and do something good for yourself and your health.

Forest bathing, also called Shinrin Yoku, is not about hugging a tree or taking a bath. Rather, it is about consciously immersing yourself in the forest atmosphere. One consciously spends time in the forest and perceives it with all senses (smell, listen, see, taste, feel). Carefully selected methods of mindfulness, meditation and body awareness help to decelerate, to arrive in the here and now and to recharge energy reserves.

This is organised and carried out by the founder and owner of the practice for holistic therapy in Zermatt. As a trained social pedagogue and Shinrin-Yoku health trainer SYGT®, Jennifer Franzen accompanies people in the mindfulness-based relaxation method from Japan.

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