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“The Melting Pot” BBQ series will introduce you to a whole range of different cultures infused with taste and history. Every other week, a new, interesting chef with a different background will show off their skills, with the barbecue as their artistic canvas!

Chefs will present their traditions and creativity for our viewing pleasure in the Turbina Zermatt. Grab your place now.
The Menus will be released 1-2 weeks in advance.

Wednesday, 17th August 2022
Patryk Zalewski, Chef of SnowBoat Sushi Restaurant. Originally from Warsaw, Patryk gained his first experiences in the kitchen. A Polish cuisine full of ingredients requires more than 100% of work and concentration. After a few years, he set out into the world to learn and gain new skills as well as get to know new exotic flavors. His journeys took him to Latin America, Cost Rica, to the port city of Puerto Limon, Sicily - Capo'd Orlando and now to Zermatt.
His passion and willingness to learn about local cuisine led him deep into the nooks and crannies of the local cuisine of all the countries. Patryk wants to share his passion and tastes with us on August 17th.

The BBQ will have something for everyone and takes place in all weathers (alternative location in Turbina).
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