Lenchens Geheimnis


Lena urgently needs to see a fairy! The situation with her parents can't go on like this. Lena gets along very well with her parents, unless they disagree. And they are quite often. Here a magic must come! Fortunately, the fairy Franziska Fragezeichen can help. Lena receives two enchanted sugar cubes, which she smuggles into mom and dad's tea at home. From now on, when her parents contradict her, something quite monstrous happens to them ...

The two theater women Irene Müller and Ruth Huber take the audience on a sound adventure. Based on Michael Ende's story "Lenchen's Secret", they develop a live radio play for children. With their voices and all kinds of magic, they make engines chatter, birds flutter and dwarves chatter.

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Vorverkauf : Zermatt Tourismus - Raiffeisenbank Mischabel-Matterhorn - Tageskasse ab 15:30 Uhr Cervo-Zermattt

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