Zermatt has many stories. A walk around the village is a trip into the past.

Pioneers and forgotten figures from Zermatt – Guided Tour (in German)

Luchernstrasse 63920 Zermattm_zermatt@bluewin.ch;booking@zermatt.ch

Dive into a world of forgotten pioneers and monarchs who left their mark on Zermatt. Discover sporting events that made Zermatt famous but which have long...

  • Guided tour, 1.5h
10,00 CHF Per person

Village tour with local brothers

Riedstrasse 43920 Zermattinfo@zermattlife.ch

During two hours we will guide you through our birthplace and tell you stories of the past and present. You will get to know new corners and places of the...

Guided village tour Zermatt - Ticket

Bahnhofplatz 53920 Zermattbooking@zermatt.ch

Ticket Guided village tour Zermatt If you wonder why the barns in Valais stand on wooden pegs with flagstones or how the people of Zermatt earned their...

10,00 CHF Per person

Digital tour of discovery across the destination


Smartphone in hand, you can take a journey of discovery. The Matterhorn App lets you call up interesting facts from Zermatt's history at various info points.


Zermatlantis Matterhorn Museum tickets

The underground world of the Matterhorn Museum - Zermatlantis reveals the past of the village of Zermatt. With original houses, multimedia room and objects from the first ascent of the Matterhorn.


Täsch Village Tour

City walking tour | easy

Tradition-rich Valais houses, barns, granaries and old stalls form the backdrop of the village of Täsch. The history of the hamlet can be experienced clearly during a relaxing village walking tour. A brochure about the village walk is available in the tourist office.

 1,5 km  1,0 h  32 m  20 m

Viewpoint Old part of the village


Zermatt is proud of its Old Village, home to more than 30 buildings constructed in the traditional style of the barns and stores of the upper Valais. Many sit on flat stone slabs balanced on stilts to keep out mice. Wonderful for photographers!