Zermatt and Matterhorn: big stars in the mountain world


According to sightsmap.com, the Google web portal, the Matterhorn is the most photographed mountain in the world. The ranking shows that no other mountain in the world is snapped as frequently as Zermatt’s Matterhorn.

On the Google map, the most photographed sites come up in yellow. The undisputed winner is New York. However, with an overall ranking of 375, Zermatt’s Matterhorn comes out top among mountains worldwide. Hotspots in Zermatt are the Kirchbrücke (marked by adjacent Hotel Couronne on sightsmap.com), the Gornergrat (3,100 m) and the Klein Matterhorn (3,883 m).

Revealing result

The ranking list shows that ease of access is a key factor when it comes to the popularity of landmarks. Fujiyama (rank 1,084) or Kilimanjaro (rank 4,569) do poorly and Mount Everest did not even make it onto the list. The Google ranking was based on a number of indicators: Panoramio (Googles photo sharing site), social networks and FotoSquare.
1. New York
2. Rom
3. Barcelona
4. Paris
5. Istanbul
76. Zurich
89. Innsbruck (AUS)
118. Geneva
124. Lucerne
154. Schaffhausen
208. Bern
375. Zermatt
537. Zugspitze (GER)
590. St. Moritz
617. Mount Rushmore (USA)
630. Jungfrau
1025. Grindelwald
1084. Fujiama (Japan)
1620. Uluru (Ayers Rock, Australien)
4569. Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)
7254. Popocatepetl (Mexico)