Oben ist besser als Unten

Author: Andreas Lesti
Publisher: Rogner & Bernhard
Price: CHF 32.90
ISBN No: ISBN-10: 3954030225 + ISBN-13: 9783954030224
Languages: GER

Original title: Oben ist besser als Unten (Top is Better than Bottom)

It all started in an Alpine cabin in the Lech valley where Andreas Lesti spent one beautiful summer. The Lech valley features one of Europe’s last wild rivers, and its landscape is reminiscent of Alaska. This is where the history of the Alps begins. Lesti tells his story through the medium of books that guide him along his way. While retelling other people’s adventures, Lesti is also a full-blooded adventurer himself who sets out to explore the grand sites of the Alps, including the Matterhorn, Montblanc and Zugspitze. He examines the phenomenon of Alpinism, reveals how ambitious British mountaineers and their Swiss mountain guides “deflowered” numerous summits and decodes the myth of the mountain for us. Since reading the “Magic Mountain”, we have all known that once you made it to the top, you are spoilt for the lowlands. Aside from classic texts on the Alps, Andreas Lesti also presents the left-field, humoristic aspects of the mountain world.