Die Geschichte des Matterhorns

Author: Beat P. Truffer
Publisher: Aroleid-Verlag
Price: CHF 19.00
ISBN No: 6th edition; ISBN 3-905097-19-2/ ISBN 978-3-905097-19-1
Languages: DE/EN/FR/JP/KR

The author recounts the entire history of one of the most beautiful mountains in the world in brief and concise sections. From the first ascent of the mountain to the ascent of all other ridges and faces, even the stories behind the numerous huts on the Matterhorn, the author has a lot of interesting and exciting information to relay about this mountain. Fact and legend, climbing feats and refreshing humanity, informative and amusing stories are all intertwined in a meaningful way in this volume. This book is regarded as a benchmark in Matterhorn literature.