Adventures off the normal pistes

Making turns in pristine snow. For many snow-sports aficionados this is another way to experience unlimited freedom. There are still a few ‘rules’ everyone must follow so that this adventure goes well for everyone.

Freeriding is gaining in popularity. Powder snow. Untouched slopes. Ready and waiting for the first run in the snow. Anyone who does not want to miss this pleasure in Zermatt - Matterhorn must pay attention to a few points. Because Freeriders move in terrain that is not secured, and they are therefore exposed to greater Alpine dangers.

Freeriders can reduce the dangers by only skiing in safe or secured areas. Matterhorn ski paradise offers 36 km of non-prepared pistes, which have otherwise been made safe from Alpine dangers. Most of the yellow-marked pistes are found in the Rothorn and Stockhorn areas.

Tips for Freeriders:

  • Orient oneself about the weather and avalanche situation
  • Never go to an unmarked area alone
  • Having a ski instructor or mountain guide along for the rides is recommended
  • Always maintain visual contact with accompanying persons
  • Use key sections and extremely steep slopes individually
  • Never go into a wild game protection zone (these are marked and one will be fined)
  • Always switch the avalanche transceiver (LVS device) unit to transmission
  • Always carry a shovel and a probe
  • Pay close attention to daily atmospheric warming and continually re-evaluate the situation
  • “Be searchable”. Equip yourself with an additional RECCO rescue reflector*. Whether summer or winter. Available in our Online-Shop or our information desk
    * The additional reflector does not replace an avalanche beacon