Alpin Center Zermatt

The Zermatt Alpin Center is Zermatt’s centre of expertise for mountain activities. It provides mountain guides for visitors who wish to explore Zermatt’s mountains – both in summer and winter.

The mountain guides who work with the Alpin Center are trained experts who know the mountains around Zermatt extremely well. Visitors contacting the Alpin Center will receive specialist information and advice. Staff answer questions such as: What skills are needed for each mountain trip? What preparation is necessary? What is the correct clothing and equipment in each case?

Generations of experience and tradition

Many of the Zermatt mountain guides are in the third, fourth or even fifth generation of guides in their family. They have known the mountains all their lives, and gained their first experiences with their fathers and grandfathers. The mountain guides follow a strictly regulated professional training programme. And once they have qualified, they continue with further training all their lives. Many of Zermatt’s mountain guides also belong to Zermatt’s Alpine Rescue Center. They form part of the rescue teams who answer the call when mountaineers or skiers get into trouble. And it is always a team of Zermatt mountain guides that controls and repairs the fixed cables on the upper reaches of the Matterhorn in early summer.

Zermatt’s mountain guides are world-renowned. They are known for their skill, prudence and composure and for their integrity with respect to the mountain world, nature and of course their clients. Many regular visitors to Zermatt have been booking the same mountain guide for decades – whether for climbs among the 4,000-metre peaks around Zermatt or elsewhere in the world, anywhere from Greenland and South America to Turkey, the Himalayas or Alaska. Some visitors and mountain guides enjoy a life-long friendship that crosses national borders and even continents.

The Alpin Center is the co-operative society of the Zermatt mountain guides, all members of the Zermatt mountain guides’ association, which was founded in 1884. Many Zermatt mountain guides are also members of a group of musical mountain guides called Bergführermusik Zermatt. They perform at a variety of major events in Zermatt such as the Folklore Festival.

Activities all year round

Zermatt’s mountain guides offer their services all year round. The range of attractions is vast, from hikes through the Gorner gorge to easy climbs on the Riffelhorn, ski touring on the Monte Rosa massif or the king of all adventures in Zermatt, the ascent of the Matterhorn. Zermatt mountain guides will give tailored advice regarding clothing, equipment, fitness and nutrition – and are experts in assessing the abilities of their clients and judging weather, terrain and itineraries.

Get in touch early

Anyone wishing to book a mountain guide is advised to make contact with the Alpin Center as early as possible. Because the time frames for summer ascents and ski tours are limited, mountain guides are quickly booked up. In addition, when visitors first make contact, they can also receive tips for personal preparation.


  • Gorner gorge
  • Single-day trips
  • Multi-day trips
  • Climbing
  • Zermatt via ferrata
  • Glacier treks
  • Training for Matterhorn ascents
  • Mixed tours on rock and ice
  • Matterhorn, Weisshorn, Monte Rosa and all 4,000-metre summits around Zermatt, Täsch and Randa
  • Mountain adventures for the whole family

Winter and spring

  • Ski touring
  • Heli-skiing
  • Snowshoe hikes


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