Discover the most beautiful sides of the Matterhorn. Memorable adventures await you.

Gornergrat Ticket

Gornergrat (3,089 m) is one of the places one must visit in one's life. The mountain panorama and the unique view of the Matterhorn are...

  • Travel to Gornergrat (return)

Matterhorn glacier paradise Ticket

The summit lift will carry you to the highest viewing platform in the Alps, at 3883 metres above sea level. A 360º panorama opens up, taking in 38...

  • Travel to the Matterhorn glacier paradise (return)
  • Entrance to the glacier palace

Rothorn Ticket

See the iconic mountain at its most striking from the summit of Rothorn. The panorama of four-thousand-metre peaks revealed from the top of Rothorn...

  • Travel to the Rothorn (return)

Romeo and Juliet at Gornergrat

It is going to be emotional before the Matterhorn when the mountain is the witness of the events during the summer of 2017. In July and August 2017, the...

  • Overnight stay (hotel or holiday flat)
  • Ticket for «Romeo and Juliet at Gornergrat»
  • Travel with the Gornergrat Bahn

Sunrise on Gornergrat

The moment when the sun touches the Matterhorn is incomparable. Ultraviolet and blue tones meld into golden and fiery-red colours until the Matterhorn is...

  • Train ride Zermatt –Rotenboden–Gornergrat–Zermatt 
  • Breakfast buffet in the 3100 Kulmhotel Gornergrat 
  • Musical entertainment 

2 Swiss Highlights in one day

The Matterhorn and the Jungfraujoch are two of the absolute highlights in Switzerland. Both of these attractions can be experienced up close with Air...

  • Sightseeing flight
  • Transport Zermatt - Jungfraujoch (return)


1.990,00 CHF Units (Ticket)

Ticket Matterhorn Museum

Entrance fee for the Matterhorn Museum. The underground world of the Matterhorn Museum - Zermatlantis reveals the past of the village of Zermatt. With...

10,00 CHF Per person

Rothorn Sunrise

The Alpine world is fast asleep, but you are up and about, already on your way to the Rothorn. On the journey you will be able to admire the glorious colours...

  • Single or Return ticket Zermatt - Rothorn 
  • Hearty alpine breakfast buffet in the Rothorn Restaurant.

Peak2Peak Ticket

Discover the two Zermatt must-see perspectives at Matterhorn glacier paradise and Gornergrat on one excursion day with the Peak2Peak Ticket. Your...

  • Travel to the Gornergrat (return)
  • Travel to the Matterhorn glacier paradise (return)
  • Entrance to the glacier palace

Staged Tour „Zermatt 100 years ago”

How Zermatt looked 100 years ago and how its residents, the "Mattini", worked, can be seen during a staged guided tour through the old sections of Zermatt....

15,00 CHF Per person

Sunset Dinner - Gornergrat

A breathtaking view, unrivalled scenery and pure pampering on the menu. During the Sunset Dinner on the Gornergrat, the team from the 3100 Kulmhotel...

  • Ride: Zermatt –Gornergrat–Zermatt 
  • Buffet with Fondue Chinoise and dessert 
  • Musical entertainment 

Sunset Dinner - Matterhorn glacier paradise

After the bustle of the day, the mountain is yours for the evening. Breathe the pure evening air at 3883 metres, enjoy a lovingly prepared, three-course...

  • Return trip Zermatt - Matterhorn glacier paradise
  • Aperitif in the gondola lift from Furi to Trockener Steg
  • Three-course meal* in the Matterhorn glacier paradise restaurant, including dinner drinks

Findeln chalet evening

Findeln occupies an idyllic setting on Zermatt's southern slope, about 600 metres above the village. It takes just 4 minutes for the Sunnegga funicular to...

  • Return ticket Zermatt–Sunnegga 
  • Three or Five-course meal in Restaurant Paradies

Sunnegga chalet evening

Connoisseurs can experience something very special every Friday evening: a cosy hut evening at Sunnegga with a view of the Matterhorn and 38 other four...

  • Return ticket Zermatt–Sunnegga 
  • Swiss Tasting menu at the Buffet Bar Sunnegga

Five lakes walk

The compelling Five Lakes Walk takes you from Blauherd to Sunnegga, passing by five mountain lakes on the way. You will be captivated by the reflection of...

  • Ticket Zermatt - Blauherd and Sunnegga - Zermatt