Watching and Protecting Wildlife

Zermatt, Täsch and Randa together have one of the largest wildlife areas in Switzerland. Here ibex, mountain goats, deer and stags, fox, hares and ptarmigan live. High above, eagles soar. All of them need protection. In general, the rule for protecting the wildlife is not to leave the hiking trails or ski pistes.

The rules for visitors going into the areas where there is Alpine wildlife are clearly defined. In the fragile areas of the mountain landscape, wild animals and birds live in a delicate balance with nature. Human beings are visitors. They should adjust to the world of the wild animals.

Rules of conduct towards wildlife

Quiet zones for wild animals in Switzerland with a detailed map for Zermatt, Täsch and Randa.

Wild protection areas

  • Wild protection areas with legal restricted access areas between Zermatt and Täsch, right side of the valley (mid-December to the end of April)
  • Various quiet zones for wild animals (recommended) on the communal territory of Zermatt (mid-December to the end of April)