Ice climbing

Where is fascination found among the shaded rock cliffs, tight valley gorges and the north walls of Zermatt in winter? The icefalls – not only beautiful to look at but also beautiful to touch and climb.

Over the ice of frozen waterfalls, one reaches places, which are otherwise inaccessible. Ice climbing requires all of the knowledge and skills of alpine climbing, no fear of heights and excellent physical fitness. Among the best ice climbers in the world are Samuel and Simon Anthamatten, Patrik Aufdenblatten and Andreas Steindl from Zermatt.

Thanks to such mountain guides, who can move across ice easily, this sport can be discovered and lived. Depending on how cold the weather is in winter, completely new areas in the Zermatt mountains can be discovered. For example, near Furi or on the Findelbach.

An Experience Every Couple of Years

The Gorner gorge offers a very special experience every couple of years. When the river and the rock walls glisten with a clear ice coating, daring climbers can descend into the gorge and transit it. Only recommended in the company of a mountain guide.