Ice fascinates especially in the cold winter air. That’s when ice-skating and the rest are fun in the village of Zermatt. Those, who seek a challenge, leave the village and challenge themselves with ice climbing. And sports out in the cold always make for hot ears.

Being active in bitter cold weather is a very special way to enjoy winter. Whether natural or artificial ice – people have always been fascinated by ice. Ice skating, Bavarian or Scottish curling.

Ice rinks and rental equipment

In the Obere Matten Sports and Recreation Arena in the middle of Zermatt, winter sports pleasure on ice is possible in practically any weather conditions. Equipment is available for rent from any of the nearby sports stores.

On the Ice Rink and While Ice Climbing

The ice rinks in the centre of Zermatt are playgrounds for young and old. For Scottish or Bavarian curling and for ice-skating. And if the winter is cold enough, then one can set out into nature where it is possible to climb among the huge icicles at the icefalls.