Hiking Rules

Anyone who sets out to get to know the hiking area in the Zermatt – Matterhorn destination will find a large and varied range of offers: there are a total of 400 km of marked hiking trails to blaze and explore – here some notes.

1. Plan every hike in the mountains carefully and make sure it is suitable for your physical condition and the time of year.

2. The weather can change quickly in the mountains, hence take always a warm sweater and windcheater with you.

3. Wear hiking boots and take enough food and drink with you.

4. Do not go alone. Let other people know where you are planning to hike and inform them when you arrive back.

5. Observe changes in the weather and turn back in case of doubtful weather.

6. Do not set foot on a glacier or leave the marked hiking paths without a mountain guide.

7. Walking on the ski slopes is forbidden.

8. Do not harm plants and animals.

9. Never walk straight through forests or across fields; always use existing roads and paths.

10. Be courteous to mountainbiker, other hikers and pedestrians.

11. Always close gates and fences behind you.

Warntafel Wasser

These warning signs remind you of the CONSTANT DANGER in a river bed and on the banks of water channels below reservoirs and water containment areas.