Discover the most beautiful sides of the Matterhorn. Memorable family adventures await you. 

Wolli's treasure hunt

Bahnhofplatz 53920 Zermatt

Timmy the squirrel has hidden some treasure in Zermatt. It's not easy to find: you need to solve some tricky puzzles first. Our adventurous black-nosed...

  • 1 treasure map
  • 1 surprise gift
  • Fun for all the family at the Foot of the Matterhorn
5,00 CHF Per person

Make an Easter Bunny

Bahnhofplatz 53920 Zermatt

Dear Children, would you like to make your very own Easter Bunny? Under guidance you create a bunny with liquid chocolate and a mould. At the end, you may...

  • Creating a bunny under guidance
  • Your own chocolate Easter Bunny


Forest Fun Park - Ticket

Zen Steckenstrasse 1103920 Zermatt

The Forest Fun Park with five thrilling zip wire courses for adults and the largest kids' trail in Switzerland promises an adrenaline-filled adventure and...

  • Entrance Forest Fun Park
19,00 CHF Per person

Wolli's adventure park at Sunnegga

3920 Zermatt

What could be more beautiful than letting children play in the mountains of Zermatt? There are many offerings for games, fun and adventure for the entire...

  • Travel to Sunnegga (single ride ticket or return ticket)


From 16,00 CHF per person

Furi Adventure World

3920 Zermatt

Furi is at 1,867 m - easily reached by lift or on foot. In the hamlet far above Zermatt, a wide variety of mountain adventures are scheduled: grilling at...

  • Single ticket or return ticket Zermatt – Furi 
From 9,50 CHF per person

Kickbike Sunnegga

3920 Zermatt

Rent some kickbikes and head for Zermatt's most entertaining descent. If you've never heard of kickbiking before you definitely need to book a trip to...

From 18,00 CHF per person

Matterhorn glacier paradise - Ticket

3920 Zermatt

Off to the highest mountain station in Europe Views of the French, Italian and Swiss Alps The Matterhorn glacier paradise can be reached from Zermatt...

  • Travel to the Matterhorn glacier paradise (single ticket or return ticket) with the new Matterhorn Glacier Ride
  • Entrance to the glacier palace
From 87,00 CHF Per person

Five lakes walk

3920 Zermatt

The compelling Five Lakes Walk takes you from Blauherd to Sunnegga, passing by five mountain lakes on the way. You will be captivated by the reflection of...

  • Ticket Zermatt - Blauherd and Sunnegga - Zermatt
From 19,50 CHF per person

Ticket Matterhorn Museum

Kirchplatz3920 Zermatt

Entrance fee for the Matterhorn Museum. The underground world of the Matterhorn Museum - Zermatlantis reveals the past of the village of Zermatt. With...

Visit at the Tradition Julen sheep barn

3920 Zermatt

With its herd of 300 animals, the Julen family has the world's largest flock of black nose sheep. You are welcome to visit the black nose sheep in their...

  • Visit at the sheep barn
  • Taxi ride (return)
  • Apero: degustation of the food produced on the farm such as cheese, dried meat and sausage 
  • Optional: Menu at the Restaurant Julen (lamb or fondue)
20,00 CHF Per person

Sunnegga Sunrise

3920 Zermatt

The Alpine world is fast asleep, but you are up and about, already on your way to the Sunnegga This is one natural spectacle it's really worth getting up...

  • Single or Return ticket Zermatt - Sunnegga
  • Hearty alpine breakfast buffet in the Sunnegga Restaurant.
From 41,00 CHF per person

Rothorn - Ticket

3920 Zermatt

At an altitude of 3'103 metres the Rothorn is the perfect mountain from which to admire the Matterhorn, which stands proud among the many surrounding...

  • Travel to the Rothorn (return)
From 33,50 CHF per person

Alpine Hay Harvest

3920 Zermatt

When the weather is fine in June and July we will be out cutting hay in the alpine meadows. Why not lend a hand with this age-old tradition in and around...

  • Short introduction and training of the hay harvest
  • Help with the hay harvest
  • 4pm break with a “Tradition Julen tea-break” with home grown products 
  • Taxi ride (return)
  • Handover of the hay harvest diploma and a gift 
  • Optional: Menu at Restaurant Julen (Hay Harvest menu or fondue)
From 20,00 CHF per person

Gondola Fondue

Postfach 203920 Zermatt

As the last sunbeams of the day light up the mountain peaks around Zermatt, you will be gliding past the Matterhorn, relaxing in a cable car gondola....

  • Return journey Zermatt – Trockener Steg
  • First course options 
  • Cheese fondue with special breads 
  • Dessert options
  • Valais schnapps, Valais wine and water
94,00 CHF Per person

Gornergrat - Ticket

3920 Zermatt

Gornergrat (3,089 m) is one of the places one must visit in one's life. The mountain panorama and the unique view of the Matterhorn are...

  • Travel to Gornergrat (return)

From 49,00 CHF per Person