Welcome to my world
Hello kids …

Welcome to my world

Spending time with you is my favourite thing to do. Together we’ll have lots of fun. Exciting adventures are waiting!


You’ll meet me at all these events. See you soon, I’m looking forward to meeting you!


May I introduce the Wolli Card to you? With your very own VIP card you can enjoy free holidays full of excitement in my homeland.


Well-known local artist and musician Urs Biner, alias Dan Daniell, has written a song and three books about me. I am really proud of them.


There is also now a video to the Wolli Song. In it, I show you where I live and some of the things you can do with your family in Zermatt. And best of all, I dance the Wolli Dance with children.


The Blacknose sheep originated in the Valais mountains. We have a cuddly, white fleece and black face, which is why we’re called Blacknose sheep. We have also black patches on our nose, elbows and tails. We are strong and cope well with Alpine winters and life in the mountains.


What about a small souvenir of your holidays in Zermatt?


Have you got your coloured pens at the ready? You can have lots of artistic fun here. Let’s go!


If the sun decides to take a break, you can pass the time having fun in Wolli’s playroom.