Meeting rules

The following meeting rules apply:

  • Private gatherings indoors of up to 30 people
  • Outdoor gatherings of up to 50 people
  • At non-spectator and non-audience private events (club meetings, guided tours, weddings) the maximum number of people is 50 indoors and out.

Events with spectators or audiences will once again be allowed.

  • max. 300 people at outdoor venues, max. 100 people indoors
  • Furthermore, attendance will be limited to half of the venue’s maximum capacity.
  • There is a seating requirement and masks must be worn at all times.
  • A distance of 1.5 metres must be maintained between visitors at all times, or a seat left free

Events with COVID-19 certificate requirement:

  • No restrictions

Events without COVID-19 certificate requirement:

  • If the audience is seated, then a maximum of 1000 guests may attend.
  • If people are standing or moving, then a maximum of 250 visitors can be admitted inside and 500 outside.
  • The capacity of the venue can be used up to two thirds - inside and outside.
  • Indoors: masks are compulsory and consumption only in restaurant areas or at the seat if contact details are collected.
  • Outside: masks are not compulsory.
  • Events and concerts at which visitors dance are prohibited.