Certificate requirement/certificates

Where is the COVID certificate used in Switzerland and what do 3G, 2G and 2G+ mean?

If you are aged 16 and over, to get access to certain places you must be able to show a COVID certificate. A distinction is made between the following areas:

  • 3G = you have been vaccinated, have recovered from COVID or have had a negative test.
  • 2G = you have been vaccinated or have recovered from COVID.
  • 2G+ = you have been vaccinated or have recovered from COVID and can additionally show a certificate for a negative test result.

Places where access is restricted to 2G include:

  • Indoor events (e.g. concerts, theatres, cinemas, sporting events, trade fairs and consumer fairs)
  • Indoor areas of bars and restaurants (including in hotels)
  • Cultural, sporting and recreational facilities e.g. museums, libraries, zoos, gyms, casinos.
  • Private events in indoor areas of publicly accessible establishments and businesses (e.g. weddings)
  • Cultural and sporting activities in indoor areas (e.g. training sessions, music and theatre rehearsals)
  • Indoor gatherings of family and friends from 10 to a maximum of 30 people

In addition masks must be worn, and in restaurant-type establishments people must sit while consuming food and drink. If mask wearing or mandatory seating is not feasible, access must be restricted to 2G+ to eliminate mask and seating requirements.

Places where access is restricted to 2G+ include:

  • Nightclubs, discos and dancing events
  • Indoor pools, water parks
  • Wind and brass band rehearsals, swimming

Places where access is restricted to 3G include:

  • Outdoor events (with more than 300 people and where guests don’t dance)

If access is restricted to 2G, 2G+ can be applied voluntarily, for example to be able to waive the mask requirement. The COVID certificate can also be used voluntarily if there is no restriction on access. This includes outside areas of bars and restaurants (including in hotels)

Receipt and validity

Information on how to obtain a Covid certificate can be found here.

Further information on the Covid certificate can also be found on the website of the Federal Office of Public Health FOPH

Certificate requirement in the ski area

No Covid certificate is required to use the infrastructure on the Swiss side of the ski area. On the Italian side, however, a vaccination certificate or a negative test result must be shown, which is valid for 24 hours from the time of issue. Also, the use of FFP2 mask is mandatory for access to closed lifts on the Italian side. From 10 January 2022, the 2G rule will apply to ski facilities and restaurants in Italy.

Certificate requirement in hotels

In some hotels there is a voluntary 2G obligation. Please inform yourself before booking and arrival.