Quarantine rules

People must quarantine / self-isolate in the following cases:

  • Following close contact with an infected person who has tested positive
  • after arrival from a country on the high-risk list
  • After travelling from a country where a variant of the virus is causing concern
  • Vaccinated persons are not required to quarantine during the 12 months from the date of full vaccination.
  • Persons who have previously tested positive do not have to quarantine for 6 months from the 11th day after confirmation of infection.

 Use Travelcheck to see any entry restrictions or quarantine rules for your country.

People who have recovered from COVID and people who have been vaccinated are exempt from contact and travel quarantine for a period of six months. People under the age of 16 are also exempt from travel quarantine. The exemptions do not apply when arriving from countries with virus variants of significant concern.


 Instructions quarantine  (pdf - 370.09 kB)

 Instructions isolation  (pdf - 307.77 kB)