Mountain bike guidelines

To avoid conflicts with other groups of guests, caring for nature and the landscape, and ensuring safety, mountain bike guests in the Destination Zermatt-Matterhorn are asked to keep to certain rules of conduct.

Sharing the trails: You are not alone!

  • Respect other trail users (trail tolerance)

    Be respectful when coming across and passing other trail users. Mountain bike trails in the destination Zermatt - Matterhorn to a large extent run along single trails, which are marked as hiking trails. Therefore, hikers fundamentally have the right of way! Announce (with your bell) your intention to pass long enough before you do so and reduce your speed appropriately. If necessary, stop or get off your bike.

  • When riding, look ahead and plan for unforeseen events

    Always ride cautiously and controlled. Adapt your speed to the prevailing situation and your abilities. You must be able to stop within sight of others, because other trail users, animals and obstacles can appear in blind passages at any time.

  • Avoid heavily frequented trail sections at peak times

    Certain trail sections (in particular, Gornergrat-Riffelberg, Zmutt and Findeln) are heavily used by other groups of people during peak periods (mornings and afternoons). Therefore, these should be avoided at those times and only ridden on during off-peak hours (mornings and evenings).

The environment: Take care of our surroundings!

  • Preserve what you enjoy yourself

    Only ride on signed trails and routes. Do not take or create any shortcuts or new trails. Taking shortcuts over meadows and through forest sections is taboo, because such conduct not only damages flora and fauna, it also does the same thing to mountain hiking. If you come across an animal, stop and wait until it leaves. Respect marked protected areas as well as closed trails and instructions from the police, military, game warden and forest service.

  • Do not leave any tracks behind

    Do not lock your wheels when braking, because this damages the trail as well as your bike. There is a place at every valley or mountain station where you can throw away your garbage correction. This is a model way to protect the mountain world of the destination Zermatt - Matterhorn.

  • Close pasture gates after going through

    By doing so, you prevent the cattle from escaping and create a great deal of goodwill from the Alp workers and farmers. Go around cattle herds by walking quietly and at enough distance.

Safety: Be responsible!

  • Equip yourself well

    Only ride with a mountain bike in good technical condition and road compatible. Besides a helmet, gloves, light, bell and with a repair and first aid kit, rain gear and heat protection belong to your basic equipment. In the mountains around the destination Zermatt - Matterhorn, there is always a chance of a sudden change in weather conditions. Check your gear regularly!

  • Plan your tour carefully

    Thanks to the route guides, mountain bike maps or the local bike guides available in bookstores and kiosks, it is not so easy to lose your way. You will not be over-challenged in terms of your condition and technical skills. Keep in mind that certain tour objectives up to 3,100 m in the destination Zermatt - Matterhorn can only be undertaken during a short period of three months (July to September). Riding on selected routes is always at your own responsibility in principle.

  • Inform yourself about the weather conditions

    Inform yourself about the weather forecast as well as the length, challenges and demands of the selected route in order to avoid hypothermia and overexertion. Good weather conditions ensure that the planned tour in not only impressive but also objectively can be ridden safely. Storms and falling rocks present a great deal of danger in the Alpine area.

  • Note the emergency number 144

    Emergencies in Switzerland: 144
    Police: 117