Electronic Clay Pigeon Shooting

A fun and competitive laser clay shoot experience which requires skill and accuracy to be the top scorer in your group. Take part in various exciting shooting games in our beautiful and secluded mountain meadow complete with shelter to protect you in case of bad weather. Please book your private shoot session in advance. Perfect for corporate team building, parties and family groups. We are located by Furi lift station, please follow signs in front of Restaurant Furri to find us.

The guns contain a microchip, are connected to the scoreboard by radio signals, and small lights on the barrel indicate whether your shot has been successful. Three rounds consisting of different challenges last approximately 15 minutes each.

Free tuition

You’ll find our Gunmaster as keen as you are for you to have fun. He’ll provide even complete beginners with the tuition you need to play, a clear set of instructions at the start of the shoot, and then (unless you’re shooting every clay out of the sky) a steady stream of helpful observations where he sees fit. Feel free to ask him for advice – that’s what he’s there for.

The guns

Our guns are classic Italian models designed and built by Fausti. They’re extremely high-quality pieces, and you’ll be in no doubt of that the second you pick them up: over-under guns (meaning the barrels sit on top of each other rather than alongside), beautifully hand-engraved, walnut stock. Fausti have been making quality guns since they were founded by Stefano Fausti, in 1948.

The traps

We use Promatic traps, the best available, ensuring our clays fly straighter and truer for longer.

The games

An advantage of laser clay pigeon shooting is that since the clays do not break, all five shooters can hit the same clay and score points. There are four different types of game which examine different skills. We choose the games to fit the needs and skill level of each group. They are explained clearly at the start of each session.

Ages 8-80

Clay Shoot Zermatt is probably the most inclusive activity you can do in the mountains. We happily accommodate complete beginners, and though we say ages 8-80, actually the shoot is open to anyone able to lift a gun. In fact if you’re under 8 or over 80 and can hold the gun we’ll give you a game for free! It’s perfect for couples, families, groups, celebrations or individuals. We also have wheelchair access.


Though the guns are real classic shotguns, all of their mechanics have been replaced by electronics. There are no bullets, no lead shot, and no ‘kickback’. It makes our activity one of the safest in town, too, second possibly to a quiet game of chess.

Environment / Green

Since the shots are harmless infrared rays, there is no pollution. Since the clays do not break, but are simply collected afterwards and reused, there is no waste. Sounds are simulated in perfect time with the action to recreate the authentic experience, so even ‘noise pollution’ is under control too – headphones or a volume switch see to that – though we doubt our operation will even be heard above the sound of the ski lifts: it’s contained in the vicinity of the clubhouse. The sum total of our environmental footprint is a small amount of electricity, and we’re currently looking at ways to make sure we can offset that, too. 100% enjoyment, zero impact.


We’re located just beyond the Furi cable-car station at 1867m – see the map. Located in a natural flat enclave at the start of the glacier garden, the stands enjoy panoramic views towards Riffelberg, where the Gornergrat train passes, and Trockener Steg, and on up the Breithorn peak behind. We’re in a sheltered spot that enjoys mild conditions and low wind even in quite severe storms, which make us a great option for bad-weather days in both summer and winter. In summer the field is full of summer Alpine flowers.

Opening hours on request.


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