10 Tips to Counter Pickpockets

Ten tips to counter the tricks of the purse-snatchers and pickpockets and leave them empty-handed. Of course, they are happiest when travellers do not pay attention. That’s why it pays to protect oneself while traveling.

1. Never leave luggage out of sight or unattended.
2. Pay greater attention to your luggage when people are boarding or leaving the train or bus.
3. Never let strangers watch your luggage.
4. Use baggage lockers.
5. Never let go of hand luggage or shoulder bags.
6. Take extra care of your valuables in crowds.
7. Carry your wallet and cellphone in a buttoned inside pocket.
8. Carry your hand luggage and shoulder bag locked and in front of you with the lock against your body.
9. Be careful with confidence tricksters. Watch valuables at all times even when someone approaches with a friendly question.
10. Careful with over-helpful strangers. This could just be a distraction.

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