Zermatt Shuttle Train

Those who arrive by automobile can change to the Zermatt shuttle train in Täsch. With this, they are conveniently in auto-free Zermatt in 12 minutes. The shuttle trains depart every 20 minutes. Alternative to the trip from Täsch to Zermatt: taxi from Täsch.

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Täsch is the final stop for automobile drivers. They may not go further. Because Zermatt is auto-free. The Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn (MGB) shuttle trains take guests and their luggage to the Matterhorn village quickly and comfortably. The trip along the 5 km route takes 12 minutes. For personal luggage, there is a baggage cart, which can be pushed directly to the platform level with the Zermatt shuttle train cars. There is also the possibility to use one of the many taxi services in Täsch.

  • The Matterhorn Terminal in Täsch has 2,100 covered parking spaces, plus there are over 1,000 parking spaces (open and covered) offered by private parties (taxi companies, hotels, etc.).
  • Individual luggage can travel conveniently in a baggage cart in the same shuttle train
  • Baggage cart for individual travellers (deposit: CHF 5 coin)
  • Taxi service
  • Shuttles every 20 minutes
  • Connection directly to the Zermatt village centre
  • Free baggage service for bus travellers (reserve the day before by 4 pm)
  • Tickets can be bought at the kiosk, at ticket machines or in the Matterhorn app