Video database

Video formats and download

The following video formats are available for downloading in our video database:

MPEG2, 1080i (.MPG) For DVD, DVD HD, BlueRay and Tape, Cinema, Broadcasting Stations
H.264, 1080i (.MOV) Full HD-Format, good for Playback on Computer/TV with Widescreen
H.264, 720p HD-Format for Internet, Streaming, YouTube, iPad/iPhone 4, PowerPoint (MAC)
H.264, 360p SD-Format for Internet, Streaming, YouTube, iPhone 3, general purpose 
WMV9, 720p HD-Format for Windows Media, PowerPoint (Windows) - geeignet für Movebox
WMV9, 1080p HD-Format 1080p for Windows Media 15Mbit
ProRes422 LT For Productions companies 
ProRes422 HQ For Productions companies
YouTube Publisher  Publish this video on YouTube