Enjoyment Hiker
Perfect Hiking Day for the …

Enjoyment Hiker

The anticipation is great. This will be a day with a rich variety of highlights. Take the gondola up to Blauherd, where you can begin your hike along the Marmot Trail. 


This is without a doubt a must-have picture: The Matterhorn appears majestic. In the foreground is the Stellisee with the unique mirrored image on its calm surface. The main things to do here are stop and consider, take pictures, and enjoy. 


The name is not just coincidental: "Sunnegga" means "sunny corner". The gourmet experience begins at the prime spot called Findeln. It's best to divide several courses among different restaurants. Who wants to decide on one of these top restaurants? Tip: Have you heard about the Gourmet Pass?


The return to the village is along the Gourmetweg (Gourmet Trail). Do not miss: A selfie on the Kirchbrücke with the Matterhorn as the backdrop should not be missed. And close out the day comfortably with a nightcap. 


What will evening bring? You are certainly in good hands with any one of the many culinary offers. Tip: Do not miss the culinary events!