Adventures around Zermatt
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Adventures around Zermatt

Tip 1: World Record Suspension Bridge
It is the longest in the Alps. And everyone finds it impressive. Well, at least everyone, who crosses it. The topic is the Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge. The trail leading to it is somewhat difficult, because one has to overcome an elevation of 1,000 metres. Perhaps this is just right for you? 

Tip 2: My first 4000 - Breithorn
Would you like to climb your first four-thousand metre peak? The Breithorn is the best "entry-level" peak if you would like to breathe four-thousand metre air. A local mountain guide will show you a unique panorama and help you conquer the summit. 

Tip 3: Glacier trek to the Monte Rosa Hut
This tour is not suitable for beginners and therefore should only be undertaken with a mountain guide. You experience a unique and rapidly changing glacier world. Tip: Stay overnight in the Monte Rosa Hut.

Tip 4: Hike to the Hörnli Hut
You have certainly never been this close to the Matterhorn: Most Alpinists begin their climb to the summit of Switzerland’s landmark from the Hörnlihütte. Tip: Stay overnight there and in the pre-dawn morning watch the chain of lights on the Matterhorn created by the headlamps worn by the Alpinists as they climb. 

Tip 5: Matterhorn Trek
Do you like to stay overnight in mountain huts? And you also like long hiking tours? The Matterhorn Trek is then just the right thing for you. Four huts, five stages, one experience. 

Tip 6: Hikes to various SAC Huts
There are many mountain huts in Zermatt, Täsch and Randa that are worth a visit. For example, the Dom, Weisshorn, Rothorn or Täsch huts belonging to the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC). It does not matter whether or not you would like to climb one of the four-thousand metre peaks after an overnight stay in the hut.