Perfect bike day for the …


After a generous breakfast in one of the bike hotels or holiday apartments it's time to explore the trails around Zermatt.


You don’t have your e-bike with you and want to rent one? Then these places are for you:


It's time to head off. There’s a less well known destination on the agenda today: the Schönbielhütte


From Zermatt follow the road via Furi to the Stafelalp Restaurant. Behind the Stafelalp, the route carries on the power station, where the road soon turns into a path.


The scenery beneath the Matterhorn north face is incomparable. You may not need to take a breather on the e-bike yet, but it's definitely worth a stop here to enjoy the view.



The last section before the Schönbielhütte is so steep that it might be better to jump down and walk the last part on foot. Whether you leave your bike at the bottom or push/carry it to the hut: you’ll definitely have earned a break.


Once the batteries are charged again, it's back in the direction of Zermatt. It's the same path as far as Furi. The Moos-Trail is a better option than the road when you reach here; it’s much more fun!


Alternative: Technically experienced cyclists can take the Kalbermatten-YoYo route shortly before Stafelalp to get back to Zermatt.


Has this route given you a taste for e-bikes? Then head off for some more: from Zermatt, you can cycle up to Patrullarve (or Sunnegga) and enjoy another downhill route on the Sunnegga Trail.


After such a full day of biking, if you’re still not ready for sleep, you might like to try out one of the many fantastic restaurants in Zermatt. Yum...


For gourmets, we can recommend something truly special: the Kitchen Around. You can enjoy a three-course meal in the heart of a restaurant – the kitchen – in a selection of locations around Zermatt.


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