Ambitious mountain biker
The perfect bike day for the …

Ambitious mountain biker

After a generous breakfast in one of the bike hotels or holiday apartments it's time to explore the trails around Zermatt.


Also: The mountain biking guides in Zermatt – Matterhorn provide a range of mountain biking tours for all abilities. They are more than happy to show you the best routes all around Zermatt.



From Zermatt you travel along the Rothorn-Zermatt route (in the opposite direction), following Riedstrasse up to Tufteren where you turn onto Europaweg. The Europaweg takes you as far as Täschalp


You can either take a break on the Täschalp or pedal up to the Täschhütte for lunch,


before taking the road (Täsch-Täschhütte route) back to Täsch. Up for some more? You don't have to take the commuter train to Zermatt; you can ride the Matterhorn Valley Trail to Zermatt (or even to Visp?)


Back in Zermatt: how about a little rest after such a strenuous day on the bike?


After such a full day of biking, if you’re still not ready for sleep, you might like to try out one of the many fantastic restaurants in Zermatt. Yum...


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