Steamed Sea Bass, Creamed Spinach and Black Rice

To cook at home and for delicious Zermatt memories: The local chef Carlo Kuster from the 1818 reveals his favourite recipe with sea bass.

by  Carlo Kuster


4 x 160g sea bass filet (best caught wild 3-4 kg)
200g Venere rice
200g leaf spinach
80g spinach salad
100g onions
100g celery
4dl full cream
80g utter
  Fleur de Sel
  Salt, pepper, Muscat, olive oil
  Bamboo Steamer

Preparation Rice

Cut the celery into small cubes and sauté in olive oil. Add rice and cook the same way as risotto. Taste and stir in cold butter at the end. 

Preparation Creamed Spinach

Chop the onion into small pieces and sauté in olive oil until glassy. Add cream and reduce. Add cleaned and blanched spinach and cook with the rest briefly. Taste and mix.

Preparation Stemmt Sea Bass

Prepare Bamboo Steamer. Lay the vegetables and spices on the lower layer. Spice the fish and cover with olive oil. Lay the bass on the upper layer of the Bamboo Steamer. Steam about seven minutes


Arrange as in the photographs, spice with Fleur de sel and sprinkle a little olive oil on top.

Wine Recommenation

 Heida 2016, St. Jodernkellerei, Visperterminen

Tips for 1818 Eat&drink

1818 Eat & Drink with its Josper Kohle Grill is one of the insider’s tips. Also, the furnishings and arrangements were made by the local artist, Heinz Julen. The bar is already very much alive at the time of the apéro and remains so until late into the night. The Monte Rosa is the home hotel of the Alpinists from the Belle Epoque and still awakens memories of days past.