Piedmont Gnocchi

This old specialty from the Piedmont made with Piedmont red potatoes, spinach, cheese, and chopped hazelnuts makes the heart of every homesick northern Italian beat faster.

by  Luigi Lafranco

 Recipe-Piedmont Gnocchi  (pdf - 225.70 kB)

Ingredients Gnocchi

for 6 persons

1kg Piedmont red potatoes (other soft boiled potatoes are also possible) 
200 g  white flour 
2 egg yokes
little salt and pepper 

Preparation Gnocchi

Cook the potatoes in their skins in salted water, drain well and peel while still hot.

Mash the peeled potatoes with a passevite and when mashed mix well with flour, egg yokes, salt and pepper. The gnocchi can be shaped and cooked in simmering salt water until they rise to the surface. 

Ingredients Fondue

for 6 persons

300g Fontina (raclette cheese also possible)
50g  whole milk
2 egg yokes

Preparation Fondue

Cut the Fontina cheese into cubes and allow to dissolve in cold milk for two hours. Then melt in the water bath while stirring constantly until creamy. Mix in the egg yokes while stirring constantly.

Ingredients Spinach

for 6 persons

200g spinach
100g hazelnuts (from the Piedmont if possible) 
little salt and pepper

Preparation Spinach

Steam the washed spinach with olive oil, salt and pepper


Arrange the spinach bed on the plate, place the melted cheese on top of the gnocchi, and garnish with the chopped hazelnuts.
Buon appetito!!!

Wine recommendation

Merlot de Sierre Sélection Swiss Food Festival 2014
Domaine de la Colline de Daval / Sierre

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