Carpaccio beets with goat cheese mousse and pine nut salsa

Perhaps something vegetarian today? Carpaccio beets are the new favourite item on the menu in the Europe Hotel & SPA Zermatt – cleverly healthful and not at all boring. The colourful Carpaccio with goat cheese mousse is a vegetarian dish that arouses real interest – also among your loved ones at home. Creative and served with much love – it is a highlight for all of your senses. 

by  Podola Mario


5 medium sized beets 
300g goat cheese
1 tsp. truffle oil
200g sugar
50 ml Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar
  white wine vinegar
100ml olive-pomace oil
15g pine nuts
a couple of fresh thyme leaves
50g chervil
  red grain dried sorrel and sea salt as decoration

Preparation Carpaccio Beets

Peel the beets, trim the ends and set them aside; we will need them later for the syrup. Cut 24 same-sized 1-2 mm thick slices. Lay a couple of slices on top of each other and use a ca. 3 cm cookie cutter to cut out pieces. Repeat and then place all of the slices in a small covered pan.Stir the marinade with olive-pomace oil, Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar and fresh thyme leaves (ratio of vinegar to oil: 2:7 parts). Overlap the beets in a flat dish and cover with the marinade. Marinate for one hour at room temperature.

Preparation Goat Cheese Mousse

Mix together truffle oil and goat cheese until foamy (by hand or with a mixer), fill into a pastry bag and store in the refrigerator until needed. 

Preparation Pine Nut Salsa

Roast the pine nuts in a pan with butter until golden brown. Then spread evenly on a baking sheet until completely cooled. Stir the dressing with white wine vinegar and pomace oil (ratio of vinegar to oil: 2:7 parts). Lightly chop the pine nuts and stir into the chervil to make classic vinaigrette. 

Preparation Cabernet Sauvignon Sirup

Cut the remaining beets into cubes and add to the cut pieces in a pot, add water and bring to boil, then cover and allow to lightly boil for 30 minutes. Use a cloth to sieve the beet juice into a bowl and press the beets to get the rest of the juice. Pour the juice back into the pot and boil with the sugar until reduced to the consistency of syrup. Allow to cool, then add some Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar, and add salt and pepper to taste.


Lay three beet slices in a row on a plate. Then decorate each slice with the goat cheese so that the goat cheese is like a small waved tower. Lay three slices on the "little towers." Use a spoon to drip the pine nuts dressing over them. Add a little extra native oil to the Cabernet Sauvignon syrup but do not mix. This is a split dressing to create beautiful patterns on the white plates. Decorate with red grain dried sorrel and sea salt

Wine recommendation

Familie Vouilloz, Varen

Tipps for the Europe Hotel & SPA

Chef de cuisine Mario and his team in the Europe Hotel & SPA always invent new creations to not only meet but also exceed the expectations of their guests. Set off on a culinary journey and experience the great variety of carefully selected regional products as part of an evening dining event. External guests are also warmly welcomed. We recommend the Day Spa Package – relax in the wellness spa through the afternoon and then relish a dinner in the restaurant afterwards.