Zermatter Recipes

Zermatt-Matterhorn is without exception the culinary hotspot of the Alps. So that there is also a whiff of Zermatt at home, recipes from Zermatt’s top chefs can be cooked there. A new one is added each month – tasteful and easy to prepare each time.

Hand-Chopped Tartare made from Valais Natura Beef Filet

This specialty made from raw beef tenderloin is served with tomato marmalade, chilli and estragon. It is a classic recipe and is among the favourite dishes served at the Mont Cervin Palace


Luma Speck Alpine Hay Soup

A specialty from the Mirabeau Hotel & Residence: a soup, which reflects the Alpine world of Zermatt. This Swiss bisque has the odour and taste of the spicy hay from the mountainsides above Zermatt.


Millefeuille of pan seared mushrooms with glazed Lamb Sweetbreads

A speciality of the hotel Europe: a piece of lamb from the hotels own breed, prepared in a imaginativ way.